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        1. HOT PRODUCTS: Neutral detergent E061|

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          Cleaning agents series Cleaning agents series

          Cleaning agents series...

          Plastic dirt cleaning agent

          Plastic dirt cleaning agent


          First, the cleaning agent to the adhesive performance scale: scale cleaning agent to the adhesive is made from high quality anionic and nonionic surfactants accurate synthesis of water-alcohol mixture and produces a diversified near-neutral concentrates ( PH value: 7 +/-)。 To self-adhesive dirt cleaning agent is made of specially formulated, with the most efficient and clean, clean contaminated properties, completely rinse, medium-sized bio-down decomposition of detergent. Cleaning agent to the adhesive does not contain a phosphate scale, enzymes, B diammonium acetate, nitrilotriacetic acid (EDTA / TNA) or chlorine bleach.

          Second, to use self-adhesive scale detergent products: This product can be used to clean silicon rubber and plastic parts can be used for clothes washing. Suitable for spray and ultrasonic cleaning process. Clothing, aluminum and soft metal surfaces, medical equipment aluminum plate frame, laboratory utensils object of phosphate-sensitive, sensitive aviation science materials, pharmaceutical process equipment, medical instruments and electronic components and so on. With good cleaning and corrosion effects.

          Third, self-adhesive dirt cleaning agent to use: cleaning agent with water to dilute the adhesive scale deployment of a concentration of 1% and 2% solution. Cleaning of pollution need to increase concentration. Heated solution (40 to 50 degrees Celsius) or use ultrasonic cleaning tank, can greatly reduce the cleaning time. Cleaning material removed from the solution, it should immediately rinse thoroughly. Do not stay too long and then cleaning things rinsing, rinsing with water three times recommended to ensure complete removal of residual contaminants and traces of cleaning solution. After carefully cleaning the object dry, lint-free cloth should be used, or hot air drying. This product using the concentration of 1-2%; cleaning time is 1-3 minutes; cleaning temperature: room temperature -80 ℃, spray can be used more than 50 ℃.

          Fourth, to the adhesive dirt cleaning agent Package: 5 gallons / barrel
          Fifth, self-adhesive dirt cleaning agent to note: 1. Avoid contact with eyes or skin, such as inadvertently stained, with plenty of water and soap and water, if necessary, seek immediate medical attention. 2 product shelf life is 12 months, should be stored in a cool (30 ℃ or less) dark place, well-ventilated place away from sources of ignition. 3 to adhesive dirt cleaning agent promptly after opening sealed in order to avoid failure.

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